General details

General Details about the MTRs

Further descriptive text to follow with drawing of overall range layout and building details.

Circuit of Railway Track Details

The track could be described as being a little bit like that included in a child’s first trainset, an oval of track with a single set of points to a siding ! Below are some observations of the trackbed from various site visits and some questions too:

  1. The track was not a true ellipse or straight-sided oval shape. Halfway along each side, roughly near the ends of the ‘U’ shaped wall, there were distinct ‘kinks’ where the curve sharpened. Why was this ? Was it to simulate better the ‘flight’ of the trolley-born target ?
  2. Track elevation – it is almost impossible to tell the relative heights around the track. From the sites visited, there is definite indication of super elevation where the track curves even now, especially at the ‘kinks’ on the sides of the circuit. What is not known is whether there was any difference in height across the oval layout, i.e. was the trolley mounted target only visible for part of the circuit ?
  3. Finally, the range was known as a 200 Yard range, where from/to was the distance of 200 yards actually measured ?

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