Hell’s Mouth (Porth Neigwl, Gwynedd)

The view above was taken from the site of the “Repair Shelter” looking south in May 2006. The sand dunes in the foreground are understood to cover the concrete base of the building. As can be seen, cliff erosion is continually taking place so eventually the base may reappear.

General Details

RAF Hell’s Mouth (Porth Neigwl) was located near to the village of Llanengan, a couple of miles from Abersoch, near the Western end of the Lleyn Peninsula in North Wales. The moving target range, now on private land, was located to the south of the landing ground adjacent to a footpath giving access from a nearby road to what is now a popular surfing beach. It was completed in July 1940 and remained in use until just after WW2, the RAF Hell’s Mouth site being returned to agriculture during 1947.

Site Visits August/September 2003 & May/June 2006

Generally there is very little of the range remaining apart from the earth banked protective walls for the track and the base for the “Turret Workshop”. The trackbed however is quite visible at most times of the year due to the short nature of the grass that now covers it. No traces have been found of a Transformer Building and there is little to see of the “Repair Shelter” apart from a couple of concrete blocks buried in the sand plus an outline of the roof on the seaward side of the trapezoidal protective wall.

The site is 10-20 feet above the level of the beach and the cliff is suffering from erosion ( see other pages about RAF Hell’s Mouth ). The trackbed near to the “Repair Shelter” is non-existent as sand dunes now cover it. It is thought that the “Repair Shelter” siding with stop blocks might still exist underneath the dunes.

Photographs of the site and further details can be found on the following pages:

If you have any further details on the range at Hell’s Mouth, I would welcome any information. Please email me at john@thegilbys.org.uk.

View on Bing Maps
Aerial view of RAF Hell’s Mouth Moving Target Range

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