Trackbed and Protective Wall Details

Below are some photos of the trackbed and remains of the protective earth banked walls. For details of general track layout and locations of the walls, please see the Ranges General Details page.

The view above is looking towards the beach from the southern end of the ‘U’ shaped wall, which can be seen on the right just above the centre of the photo. Note the trackbed in the middle of the photo curving away to the right through the gap in the longer grass. Also note the end of the trapezoidal wall on the top far right. The beach is just beyond the tall grass near the top of the photo.

Above is another view of the trackbed, this time taken from the northern side looking inland towards the ‘End Wall’ (which can be seen starting just above the centre of the photo and extending horizontally to the right). The trackbed is actually in a shallow cutting at this point and the super elevation can also be seen. In the background Llanengan church can be seen.

The final trackbed photo is taken from the southern side looking towards the beach access path. The range at Hell’s Mouth appears to be unique, compared to other sites visited, in having an additional protective earth banked wall roughly parallel to the southern side of the ‘U’ shaped wall. This wall is thought to be there in order to protect the beach access footpath which is indicated on pre-WW2 maps and still well used. Visible on the extreme right above centre is the ‘right trapezoid’ shape of the southern end of the ‘U’ shaped protective earth bank wall. The trackbed runs from the middle bottom of the photo curving to the right and dissappearing behind the ‘U’ shaped wall. The protective earth bank of the additional wall can be seen towards the top of the photo with its crumbling seaward end visible right of centre. Less easy to discern here is the super elevation of the track as it curves between the walls/earth banks but can be seen near the large weeds just above the centre of the photo.

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