Millom (Cumbria)

View of the Millom moving target range looking inland.

The brick building on the left is the remains of where the transformer was situated and the trackbed runs from the bottom centre of the photo, curving to the right in front of the “End” protective wall in the right middle distance.

General Details

Millom moving target range formed part of the RAF Millom Airfield complex and was located in the sand dunes to the south of the actual airfield, near to Haverigg Point in an area known as Haverigg Bent Hills.

The site is on private land and situated quite close to the perimeter fence of Haverigg Prison (the prison now covering much of the airfield). Potential visitors are advised to seek permission to look at the range remains and also to report to the Prison Reception prior to visiting.

Site Visit June 2005

There are quite extensive remains at Millom compared to some of the other sites. The “Transformer Building” is extant and in reasonably good condition complete with the remains of the oil-filled transformer and switch gear. Also visible is most of the concrete base of the “Repair Shelter” including a short length of track at the end of the siding. The gauge of the track is 3ft and there are stop blocks still attached to the end.

All the track protective earth-banked walls are present as is the concrete base of the “Workshop Building”. Overall the trackbed is visible, though depending on the time of year, long grass can obscure the formation. An additional brick wall is also present near to the “Workshop” building, purpose unknown.

Photographs of the site can be found on the following pages with additional notes:

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