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Millom Photo Page 1

Trapezoidal Wall

The trapezoidal wall complete with cavity remains in good condition and still has some of the protective earth/sand bank present. Dimensionally the wall is a similar size to other ranges. In the photo below, the “Repair Shelter” was situated to the left of the wall. An alternative view of the wall is shown in the header of this web page.

Stop Blocks

Millom still has the ends of the rails and target trolley stop blocks where the siding went into the “Target Repair Shelter” building. The track gauge was measured to be 3ft, back to back. As can be seen in the photo (and confirmed at the Dumfries range) there was some form of ‘pit’ between the rails near to the stop blocks.

Questions & Comments

  1. What did the “Repair Shelter” building look like ?
  2. What sort of equipment was present within the “Repair Shelter” ?
  3. What was the purpose of the pit ?
  4. Were the stop blocks the sole means of slowing down a target trolley ? (They seem rather on the small side…)
  5. Assuming that target trolleys were directed from the continuous circuit of track into the siding for repair, how were the points in the trackwork controlled and from where ?


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