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Transformer Building

The photo below is taken from near the trackbed. The transformer remains are located in the left hand part of the structure with no roof. Inside the roofed part of the building are the remains of some of the switchgear. The off-white fence in the background is the perimeter of Haverigg Prison.

This photo shows the rear or non-trackside of the building with its protected entrance. The remains of the barbed wire fence supports around the transformer area can be seen on the right.

Millom transformer building photo

Two further views of the western or seaward end of the building are shown below.

(Left) – A view of the building with the protected entrance visible at the left-rear.
Millom transformer building photo

(Right) – View from the track-side of the building showing the doorway into the roofed part of the building. The doorway has the remains of steel frames and hinges which presumably supported a pair of substantial steel doors. As can be seen, the doors are also protected by the wall a few feet in front of them.
Millom transformer building photo

Questions & Comments

  1. Were the steel doors for security or for protection from shells (or both) ?
  2. Was the building manned when the range was in operation ?
  3. What was the exact purpose of the switchgear remains in the roofed part of the building ? Also, what else was contained within that part of the building ?
  4. Was the roofless part of the building a later extension (the bricks look a different colour) ?

Transformer Remains

The framework of the transformer can still be seen. It is believed that the transformer was oil filled to cool it.

Millom transformer remains photo

Questions & Comments

  1. Was there any other electrical equipment near to the transformer ?
  2. Was it a step-up or step-down transformer ?
  3. What voltages and ratings ?


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