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The photo below is looking westwards (toward the beach) from the southern end of the “U” shaped protective wall. The trapezoidal wall can be seen top middle, the “Repair Shelter” remains and stop blocks are situated on the far side of it. The gravel farmer’s access track on the left of the photo is roughly where the moving target range trackbed was located.

Millom trackbed photo

The next photo shows the “U” shaped wall near to the trapezoidal wall and is actually taken whilst standing on the trackbed as it begins to curve around and divide to go towards the “Repair Shelter”.

Millom trackbed photo

Another photo of the trackbed taken from near the Transformer building looking east (inland) towards the “End” protective earth banked wall. The superimposed line roughly shows the centreline of the trackbed as it curves round in front of the wall. Note the significant amount of earth/sand above the top of the wall which no doubt, is full of shells.

Millom trackbed photo

A view looking in the opposite direction to the one above. The Transformer building is on the top right with the trackbed curving round to the left. It is difficult to make out in the photo, but there is super elevation present on the trackbed similar to that recorded at Hell’s Mouth (see a photo at Hell’s Mouth taken at almost the same place as the photo above.

Millom trackbed photo

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  1. How fast did the target trolleys actually move when circulating (to require super elevation of the track) ?


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