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“Workshop” Building Base

The concrete base of the “Workshop” building is present and is dimensionally similar to other ranges. On some parts of the base (e.g. in the foreground of the photo below) the shape of the concrete and remains of protruding bolts would suggest that the structure built above was of wooden or aspestos construction. The “Workshop” building at Dumfries also had remains of bolts protruding from the base for some of the walls, but not all. The existing building at Theddlethorpe is built of brick and breeze blocks so it is possible that the “Workshop” building was built to a standard design/size, sometimes in brick, sometimes in wood.

There are the remains of an access road/track running from the “Workshop” building in the direction of the airfield and this joins a similar road that comes from the “Target Repair” shelter.

Millom workshop base photo

Questions & Comments

  1. Was the building of wood or aspestos construction or was it brick like Theddlethorpe ? (or were there both alternatives available at the different ranges ?)
  2. If it was built of wood/aspestos, did it look anything like the remaining brick building at Theddlethorpe ? The overall dimensions of the base are similar as are the dimensions and indications of the former internal layout of the building(s).

Additional Brick Wall

A short wall was found about 90 metres to the south-east of the “Workshop” building base. The wall is of brick construction and fairly substantial, roughly 30 feet long and 6 feet high. It looks to be World War Two vintage but its purpose is unknown and may not have any connection with the operation of the moving target range.

(Left) – The wall showing three supporting butresses.
Millom additional wall photo

(Right) – The wall’s other side that faces the “Workshop” building location.
Millom additional wall photo

Questions & Comments

  1. Why was it there ?


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