Other Remaining Stuctures

Other Buildings and Remains at Hell’s Mouth

Air to Ground Gunnery Range Building R2 (Wing Markers Shelter No.1)

This building is located between the Main Markers Shelter R1 and the landing ground and is at a similar distance (approx. 100 yards) from the clifftop/beach as R1. The shelter is about 330 yards from building R1.
It is a much more modest building compared to the Main Markers Shelter, approximately 12ft by 9.5ft, and also has a ‘normal’ size doorway.

Originally there used to be an identical building (Wing Markers Shelter No.2) situated a similar distance from the Main Markers Shelter in a direction north-west such that all three shelters were in a line to the landward side of the railway track. Like the Main Markers Shelter, this building is also of shuttered concrete construction.

Wing Markers Shelter building photo

Questions & Comments

  1. Note the rusty “Decauville” type railway sleeper on the ground in front of the building.
  2. This building also had metal bars on the outside of the walls on three sides similar to the Main Markers Shelter building, purpose unknown.

Live Bombing Signal (Range Arrow)

There are the remains of some slabs of concrete at the top of the cliff near the landing ground. Comparing their position with a site plan from 1945, these are what is left of the Live Bombing Signal. Due to cliff erosion it is highly likely that more of the remains will fall onto the beach soon.

The photo below shows the remains of the shaft of the arrow plus the northern side arrowhead. The southern arrowhead is missing due to erosion.

Live Bombing Signal Arrow photo

View towards live bombing target photo

(Left) – A view along the shaft of the arrow looking out to sea. The live bombing target was located approximately 1000 yards from the beach.

(Below) – Photo showing edge detail of one of the concrete slabs. It is thought that the arrow was originally coloured red to indicate that the target was for live bombing and the evening light emphasises the now-faded colour of the remains. It looks like the concrete had a red layer rather than being simply painted red on its top surface.

Range Arrow detail of construction

Questions & Comments

  1. It is known that another arrow painted or coloured white existed to show the direction for the southern Practice Target Signal. It is not known if there are any remains of this arrow.

Pillbox or Machine Gun Post

Pillbox photo

Pillbox embrasure photo

This building is located on the western side of the landing ground about 160 yards from the clifftop/beach. It is hexagonal and now situated on a boundary between two fields, having three sides/faces in each field.

(Left) – Detail of one of the embrasures of the pillbox.

Photo from pillbox over airfield

(Above) – On slightly higher ground, the pillbox has a clear view over the landing ground.

Questions & Comments

  1. Is the design of a standard type or peculiar to Hell’s Mouth ? (Each side of the building is approx.12ft in length)
  2. The main entrance is not shown in the photo and consists of a set of steps at each end of a sunken pathway with the entrance low down, centrally positioned in one face. In the photo, what was the purpose of the additional, smaller opening near the ground on the left hand face ? It is almost buried now but it is assumed that it was more accessible during WW2.

Air Raid Shelter

Air Raid Shelter photo

A number of ‘Stanton’ air raid shelters still exist and are located to the North West of the landing ground. This was where other airfield administration buildings were located though there is now no trace of these. The shelters are in reasonable condition though some are losing their earth covering.


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